April 28, 2007 -- At long last, after a year
of planning and preparation, the vines are put
into the ground.  When it's over, we feel the
relief of parents who have given birth to their
first child. Afterwards, instead of how much
formula to prepare and when to feed the baby,
the Queen demands: "Would you please water
the vines! It's hot!"  To which I respond they
are drought resistant plants and do not need
to be watered everyday.
      It is hard to say the words we are finished,
because this is a new beginning.  Was raising
a child ever easy?  It must be the same with
our new children -- constant worries, and when
they become teenagers, much work (pruning,
spraying, etc.) Instead of a planting party,
we've opted for an opening party.  Come join
the christening of Blue Merle Vineyards on
Saturday, May 12th!