March 17, 2007 -- The Big Dig Begins -- Vineyard Installation First Steps

We planted ten end posts by hand.  These five rows will host 81 plants of Grenache Noir,
which we hope to plant at the end of April.
Digging 36" holes for the posts.
Fidel prepares the cornerstone.
Fidel's classic truck with 10' posts.
Behind every great dog is a better
woman. Vineyard overseer.
We used just over 2-bags of
60lbs. concrete per post.
Notice perfect alignment of posts --
not an easy task on a steep, sloping
Vine planted in the Fall last
year makes Springtime debut.
The plastic cover keeps the
rabbits at bay.
California Iris.
Rattlesnake -- neutralized,
with extreme prejudice.
Click here for
Round 2, when
we bring in the