December 21, 2005 -- Our
first visitor, on the first day of
Tsuyoshi Mano,
President of Kyocera
Wireless, samples the just
bottled 2004 Syrah and
various grappas (including
grappa tasting from the
"I'm sitting here at my desk a bit drowsy from the weekend trying to figure out what to do
next when it struck me that my condition may have something to do with a bit of wine that I
drank last night.  Gretchen and I broke into the wine you made.  We served it with grilled
lamb chops.  It was excellent.  While it seems that it is likely to improve with age, I thought
it was just fine now.  Certainly superior to anything else that I might alternatively have
uncorked.  Anyway, I found my inhibitions dropping, one glass turned into several, and
before the night was over, the bottle was drunk (and I must have been a bit tipsy myself!).  
Anyway, the evidence was on the counter this morning as I carried the dead soldier off to
the recycling bin.  I greatly enjoyed your wine.  Thank you for the craftsmanship.  Hope all's
well with you."

                                                               -- Jon Maurer, New York, January 23, 2006
"Tastes like 'medicino' -- a kind of medicine taste."

Jean Yeck, wine specialist, after tasting a sample of Syrah that had
cooked in the garage during the heat wave of 2006. September 22, 2006

Karen S., proprietoress of
Vineyard, Escondido, CA, after
tasting the "throw away wine" -- a
blend of Merlot and Syrah which had
cooked in the garage then thrown into
a contaminated barrel. October 13,
2006.  Inspiration for the label: "Hair of
the Dog -- Earthy Medicino."
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Jack McGinn, better known as Mr.
Greensboro, N.C., inspects the progress
on April 17th, 2007. The swarm of bees
looking for a  home that occupied the
sumac tree in background have
vacated. Jack, the first to visit the statue
of David after liberating Rome from the
Nazis , is the first visitor to the vineyard.